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Dr. Tolga Yemişen


Personal recommendation: We had to visit the doctors with Sharen. She had a mouth infection after a tooth extraction a week before the holiday and it wouldn’t clear up. Happily for us Doctor Tolga came to the rescue and within two days she was back to her normal chirpy (some say annoying) self. If you ever need medical treatment then I can heartily recommend Dr. Tolga. It’s a good idea to register with him even if you’re only on holiday. He takes notes and logs exactly where you’re staying so that in an emergency he knows where you are.

The surgery is 9normally) open between 9.30 – 16.30 from Monday till Friday. Outsides these hours, you can always contact Dr. Tolga on his mobile phone, 0532 413 40 73, to make an appointment. House visits are also possible and he can also come and pick you up from your home if requested.




Dear Patient,

After a busy summer, the season has come to an end.
Since our daughter is not of compulsory school age yet, we are planning to go travelling this winter and the surgery will be closed.
Fortunately the majority of our patients only come in summer so it won't affect them.
Patients in need medical attention whilst we are not there, can contact Esnaf Hospital (tel. 0090 252 612  6400) and/or Letoon Hospital (tel. 00900252 646 9600).
Hopefully you will stay healthy and this will not be necessary.
If all goes according to plan, we will be opening again in April 2015.
We wish you all the best and of course a merry christmas and happy new year ;-)
Dr. Tolga + Miriam Yemişen



Did you know you can Register with us even if you are only on holiday? A number is assigned to your location so that in an emergency we can find you quickly. If you'd like to register pop in and see us or call the number below. Registration is free and it could prove priceless.

We are open weekdays 9.30am to 12-30pm. As the season gets busier the opening hours will be extended to 8.00am to 10pm..

If you want to a consultation outside of these hours, please call on my mobile phone, 0 532 413 40 73, to make an appointment. I can do house visits or we can also pick you up from your home or holiday location.

We wish you a good health and many regards,

Dr. Tolga + Miriam Yemişen




Contact Details
Mobile +90 532 413 40 73
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