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Update Febuary 2015: We have now moved to Carsi Caddesi, 146, Fethiye



We travel between Turkey and England about four times a year. If anyone would like to journey with Stephan, try it, it's a fantastic experience.

We transport your cases, boxes, furniture etc.

For full edetails please click on the email address at the bottom of the page

What's the five things in food you miss the most from England? If we could bring them to you, what would you buy?

Buy your favorite foods in England from Asda, Tesco, M & S or wherever, and we will bring it over for you.


Special Offer:

Buy four boxes and get one free!

Shoe Box Delivery


Coming to Fethiye from the UK - pick up from The Card Shop in Fethiye.

Are you missing your favourite foods, sweets etc., from England such as Chedder cheese, H.P. Sauce, Marmite, Oxo, Heinz Salad Cream, Mint Sauce, Paxo and many more?

What are you waiting for? Miss them no more! We'll fetch them for you and deliver to our shop in Fethiye for you to collect.

You pay for the contents of your shoe box and we will bring it over for £9.50 (no matter what the weight). Bearing in mind to bring it by plane will cost you £12.00 per kilo, our 'shop to shop' delivery is great value.

All money is to be paid in full in advance. We will purchase the goods in the UK and produce a receipt as proof of the cost. Any change will be refunded upon collection of your order(s).

Special offer 5 boxes £38.00 (1 box free).

In a box approx 13" x 8" we have packed tomato sauce, Uncle Ben's sweet and sour, Nescafe coffee, Bisto, Poughmans, cheese, sage and onion stuffing, Oxos, Corned beef, Marmite, large Galaxy chocolate, Ryvita and Go Ahead biscults!

The contents above are an example of what we have brought over, but you might want something different. Please feel free to ask for whatever you are missing.

Orders must be in no later than the last few days before we leave the UK (contact us to check dates). Orders will be ready for collection at our shop normally 2/3 weeks later. You can collect them between 9.30 am to 5:30pm or anytime thereafter (contact us first).

We had a very succesful year in 2011 so we are are repeating the journey . . . . as many times as we can!

Thank you for all your future orders . . .




Not sure what we can or cannot carry over for you? Just contact us (see below) and we will send you our full details.



Shoe Box Delivery Contact Details

05544974367 (Stephan)

+44 7770900333

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Stephan :

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