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Olu Deniz is host to one of the world's greatest paragliding experiences, rated in the Top Ten, worldwide. From high on Babadağ mountain you can launch yourself off into the azure sky and get a breath-taking view that’ll stay with you forever.


It is an adrenalin rush like no other as the warm winds lift you up and away. Flights can last as long as 30 minutes if you catch the thermals just right; that's 30 minutes of floating above paradise!

Stretched out beneath you is the world famous, Olu Deniz with its Blue Lagoon and sandy beach, partly set in the national nature reserve.


As you gently spiral down the spectacular view will slowly envelope you as eventually come to land close to the beach.

You can either ‘go it alone’ or go with a qualified Pilot – the choice is yours. There are a few companies you can sign up with, but you are encouraged to choose a reputable one that adheres to the strict regulations necessary to ensure your safety: Insurance. Pilot Training. Licenses.


A good measure of a company's reliability is the length of time they have been active – the longer they’ve been in business the more likely it is they will meet all your requirements.


Above all, your personal safety is paramount, so before taking that leap into the clear blue sky, be sure you know to whom you trust your safety.

Images courtesy of Gareth Soden and Ann Brierley  


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