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Boat Trips


One of the most relaxing and hectic and enjoyable activates you can do is to go on a boat trip. There are several trips, 12 Island; 6 Island; Gocek Marina to name just three.


You can sail either from Fethiyé harbour or Olu Deniz beach – however, at the beach boarding can sometimes be a difficult (and very funny) affair when the waves sweep in and the boat lifts up as the image to the right shows!

However, there's always someone near at hand to help you onboard . . . and someone else poised with a video camera with You've Been Framed in mind.

There are several ways you can book tickets: At one of the dozens of ‘travel’ outlets around the village or via your hotel or rep. To ensure you get the best deal, shop around and don’t be afraid to barter.


Prices can range from as little as £8 per person to £15 for the same day’s outing! Most, if not all, included lunch on the boat, a bar, and several stops along the way to swim, explore or snorkel . Snorkeling is a fantastic way to see the fish below you.


Or, if you can’t drag yourself off the boat – soak up the sun on the upper sundeck – but be careful, the sea breeze can fool you into thinking it’s not that hot and you could burn very easily.


Some boats are more comfortable than others. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can take a look on board (boats moored in Fethiyé harbours) and have a sit down to see how comfy it is.


A boat trip is one of the best ways to spend a day, either in a group of friends or family or just the two of you or alone – you’re almost certain to make new friends.


And, if you’re the type that doesn’t like it too choppy – don’t fret, it’s quite calm most of the time

Images courtesy of Gareth Soden, Ann Brierley and Sharen Crane  


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