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'The Bar' was opened in late May 2013, by owners Ibo and Farrah who have both worked in the Hisaronu area for many years and are known to many and are well-liked.

Always giving a warm welcome, and trying to make every customer feel at home is something they work hard at. 'Arrive as a customer and leave as a friend' is their motivation... Indeed, many customers return year after year and will often call in just to say 'hello' without necessarily buying a drink.

The Bar is situated on the quieter side of Hisaronu on the Kaya Road. Although music is often played here, it's nothing like the volume of music regularly played in several of the bars in the centre of the village.  So its a relatively 'quiet' bar with focus on relaxation.

A little TV sport is available for those feeling energetic... however again this is low-key and doesn't spoil things for those who wish to relax.


Special entertainment nights such as 'belly-dancing', 'fire-shows', a singer, or quiz-nights are often arranged.

There is a variety of seating... from the traditional upright bar-stools... small tables and chairs... or if you feel like lounging, there are several settee-type seats for that very purpose... giving The Bar a home from home feeling.

Apart from special occasions, food is not normally served. However, if you would like Ibo and Farrah to host 'your' special event, just give them a call on the number or FB contact link below. They will be delighted to help. Even if you only want advice, then just give them a call. Nothing is too much trouble here... just ask... you won't be disappointed!


The Hisaronu 'Village' Forum members used to meet regularly here, and arranged for a LIVE webcam to be installed, but sadly the forum no longer exists. However, the webcam remains and is usually 'live' in the normal summer season. (Look for and click on the 'camera' tag or icon on this page to see what's going on, or what you are missing!)

In the evenings, we usually turn on the 'sound', so you can hear and experience some of the laughter, fun and atmosphere.

Whatever you choose to do at The Bar you'll have a great time and during the times the webcam is 'live' you can call your friends and family back home and tell them to 'look-in' so you can show them what they are missing!


So many customers love The Bar... so much so that they regularly visit to meet up with their friends old and new and to catch up with the latest news and gossip. Many have been visiting since 2013... so that in itself tells the story.

The Bar is an ideal place to meet-up with friends or family. Never rush... just take your time... and remember... relax!

Out of season...during those chilly winter evenings (yes the sun doesn't always shine in Turkey!), The Bar is open perhaps only once or twice a week. However Ibo and Farrah always make sure that their warm welcome is matched by warm and cozy heating. You may even experience a special 'curry' night to warm you up!


The Bar offers a whole variety of drinks. Whether you like a beer or a cocktail, or perhaps a soft-drink, or just tea or coffee... most drinks are available. Ibo will do everything he can to provide the drink you wish for... he may even disappear for a couple of minutes to conjure-up some of the ingredients he didn't have in stock!

You will always be made welcome at The Bar, and when the evening is over, if you've missed the last dolmus home, don't worry, Ibo does a free drop off for his regular customers, once he gets to know you.


So, whether it's to be just a relaxing drink, a sit-down and a chinwag with friends... or perhaps a night of fun, dancing, and singing ... or even a game of backgammon... then The Bar is the place for you.


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The Bar Contact Details

Phone 05335 666 657
Email Send a PM via Facebook, please.
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The Bar official page on Facebook (or click on the banner above this)

And our new Group: The Bar - and nothing but The Bar

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